AMEE promotes international excellence in education in healthcare.

It helps teachers, doctors, researchers, administrators and students worldwide keep up-to-date with developments in the rapidly changing world of healthcare education.

The Challenge

The AMEE annual international conference is their key meeting which provides their members the opportunity to network with others with similar interests, to take part in workshops and courses over a four day period.

The ‘Conference Programme’ is a key publication with a vast amount of information supplied. Covering courses, masterclasses, workshops, the main programme, time tables and even tour information on the host city.

Our Method

The solution to a text heavy document with essential information, with multiple timelines over 4 days, was to be found in a crisp, modern sans serif font that would be clearly legible at even 8/10pt, the font in question was apply named Sansation.

Used in a 3 column layout, with unjustified text, colour coding for the individual days and online sessions highlighted with icons, this once foreboding body of text now appeared fresh, factual and easy to navigate.

The Result

Our aim, be it for Conference Programmes or Annual Reports is to produce publications that are informative, practical and a valuable recourse to the AMEE members.

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