The Armed Services Advice Project is part of the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau Service supporting people who are serving in the Armed Forces or who are Ex-Service, Regular or Reserve, and their dependants.

For many who have been in the armed services, coming from a profession were a lot of the time decisions are made for you, adjusting to civilian life can be daunting, in many aspects of life.

The Challenge

It wasn’t so much as a ‘Challenge’, but an ‘Honour’ to work on a project that supports our current and ex-service men and women, and their dependants, who have given so much for our country.

The aim of our task was a branding and awareness campaign that would be instantly recognisable to the target audience of all three branches of the Armed Forces; the Royal Navy, the British Army and the Royal Air Force.

Our Method

The corporate colours of ASAP reflect the colours of the armed forces. Navy Blue for the Royal Navy, Red for the British Army and Azure Blue for the Royal Airforce.

As much of the branding was to be used in Banners, Posters and Leaflets it needed to be eye-catching and informative. Using block corporate colours, silhouetted images representing the individual armed forces, a strong capped font, we achieved the initial look.

However, the main focus of this branding exercise is the salute, which transverses all three services, it’s a sign of respect and recognition, you could say a call to action, a call for ‘Advice and Support’.

The Result

An instantly recognisable brand that goes some way to help service men and women seek advice on Debt and Money Advice, Housing, Mental Health, Relationships and Work Related Problems.

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