The requirement for this particular project was the rebranding of The Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre to ‘The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel’, an integral part of the Golden Jubilee Foundation, formally the NHS National Waiting Times Centre.

The Conference Hotel was after a professional and consistent look and feel across all print materials. The design to reflect the ethos and vision of the Conference Hotel as a centre of excellence in conferencing, hospitality and innovation, with people at the heart of the Hotel whether it’s delegates, guests and staff.
A 4 Star hotel aiming to reflect a 5 Star service.

The Challenge

Our task was to rebrand over 30 different items ranging from General Stationery, Christmas Booklets, Conference Brochures and Wedding Packs, to name a few. All designed with a common theme reflecting the new brand, with the print coordinated and delivered within 9 weeks in time for an official launch.

Our Method

In order to hit the required deadline it was imperative not only to establish the required look without delay, but that both parties fully understood the task in hand.

This was achieved by working closely with senior management on proposed concepts that reflected the spirt and character of the Conference Hotel. However, a fundamental part of keeping everything on track was devising a detailed schedule which had each of the 30 items listed with its own timeline to achieve the required delivery date. This spread sheet was then made available to everyone involved in the rebranding so that they could keep track of copy deadlines, proofs, approvals and delivery. Due to the volume of items required we staggered the timing of them to allow for proof reading and checking by both parties. This prevented any bottlenecks occurring in the process.

The Result

A rebranding that reflected The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel as an international conference centre of excellence, collaborating in health, hospitality and learning. A rebranding that was clear and recognisable throughout all its printed material. A rebranding that was delivered on time, without difficulty, within budget and to the highest standard.

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